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As it became more apparent today that our surgical admission is turning into a much more open-ended one, I found myself with a new concern other than just my son’s recovery from his latest surgery. Will he contract another infection or other issue? This is always on my mind during any contact with medical staff, and let’s face it, the hospital is the worst place in the world for a sick person. Especially when that individual is immune compromised. Ironic isn’t is? That irony ranks right up there with getting rest in a hospital. As I once said about the hospital culture; Want rest or to be left alone and they come one by one, but need something and not a soul can be found. Back to the topic now. Hospital infections and more importantly how we as parents and caregivers can help minimize the exposure, at least to your precious one. This article is not meant to bash the healthcare staff of hospitals, but rather raise awareness to parents to help advocate and potentially reduce the spread of these infections[….]

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As a parent you are an advocate for your child. As a parent to a complex medical needs, or special needs child your advocacy is crucial, especially when they are very young and can not communicate. That is the most frightening time. You know that the decisions that you make will change and shape your child’s future. Why wouldn’t you want as much information as possible before making such life altering decisions. Any doctor who is offended by the notion that you would like another opinion is more than likely insecure with their own abilities. That is of course just my opinion, but having had so many doctors in my son’s very brief life, I have found that the really strong and knowledgeable doctors encourage the second opinion before it had even crossed my mind. More often than not, their outlook ends up the correct. It has also been my experience that the few doctors that have bared resentment end up being close, but not necessarily on target. My son’s tracheostomy is a great example of another look and the ultimate prognosis[…]

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