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I am very sorry that I have not been around the past few days. Since many of my readers are parents of children with complex medical needs and special needs I know everyone will understand how hectic things can be. More importantly was the return of my son’s mysterious apnea spells. I plan on writing about this soon, but just don’t have the time or energy today. Those that follow me on twitter already know a little about what is going on. The long and short of these episodes are he just stops breathing, he is typically awake, his SPO2 Sats plummet, has to be bagged back each time and occasionally requires oxygen for a bit afterwards. The doctors have no confirmed explanation for this. It is stressful, for obvious reasons. Having to save your child’s life is draining, but the alternative is not worth even thinking about. It is even more frustrating when your nurses freeze up or just do not know what to do because of inexperience. Makes it difficult to leave even for a minute. I will elaborate more when I’m able to write again. Today I am just mentally and physically exhausted from the stress of yesterday as it happened 12 times in about 8 hours. Thankfully today my son has not had any episodes so I believe we are done for this series. This was an easy series, all things considered because they usually last for several days. I appreciate everyone reading and just wanted to post something to ensure everyone I have not abandoned this site LOL!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Today I am enjoying another blessed day with my son and dismissing all other responsibilities.

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