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Last evening & today have been rather somber. Saturday at around 1pm 6 year old Ashlynn passed away in her mother’s arms from complications of her bone marrow transplant which she need because she had Fanconi Anemia. My son was diagnosed with this terrible disease a year and a half ago. We have already witnessed close to a dozen parents lose their children in that time. Why? You certainly try not to focus on the life-threatening aspect in day to day life. You try to enjoy each day together as a blessing. For my son though his anomalies cause him more issues than most as he has a unique presentation of FA. Researchers have commented how curious they are to learn more about which gene he has. Overall though everytime another FA child earns their wings it is tough to not think about it for a few days. It reminds us that while there have been great strides in the research of this disease which has revealed some significant general cancer findings more still is needed. With the cancer link to FA and the pathways the exist Fanconi Anemia research literally impacts & benefits the greater world population. Please consider donating to research any amount helps. You can find more info about FA and donating on the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund website. Thanks you.

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