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I knew this week was going to be busy, but it turned out to be insane. I promise I’m not abandoning everyone and am very grateful for all that read. The past few weeks have just been so intense with the appointments and meetings.  I do not know what I was thinking when I scheduled these things. It must have been how much can I cram into a week.

I am a little frustrated about my son’s hearing right now. I know I haven’t written much about it yet, it is a touchy subject for me due to the way it has been treated, nonchalantly. This week however, brought on new concerns that rub me the wrong way. This week during our Aural Rehab Therapy she brought up in question the settings for his BAHA. She wants us to set-up an appointment with the audiologist that is now doing the BAHA cases. Specifically she wants him to test my son in the booth and address that the settings for this are indeed the right ones. I became quite upset over this. They are now suggesting something we brought up multiple times to multiple people and were always dismissed as that not being a potential problem. Now it is? The inconsistency is annoying me to the core. The initial audiologist that did his settings was very surly about our questioning if the settings were correct when there was no response.  She even put my son’s speech therapist in her place when she approached her telling her she needed to learn her role and stick to it.THE NERVE of that woman! Thankfully she is gone, but it possible now that her attitude toward my son and her lack of listening to concern maybe at the fore-front of a serious issue. If the settings indeed are incorrect, and have been this whole time, she would be responsible for delaying my son’s progress by 6 more months. Not to mention it took 18 months to even get aided in the first place. Sometimes I feel as though we attract all the riff-raff  in our realm. We will have to see where this takes us, but it is really striking a nerve with me at the moment. So is it a BAHA settings problem or a Central Hearing loss as they suspect? We will see soon I hope. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.

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Lost Art of Proactive

The world has changed much in the last fifteen years, but I did not think the word proactive would be considered such a taboo term. It apparently is NOT in many individuals vocabulary which translates into a nonexistent mindset as well. When did our world become so reactive versus this alternative? (more…)

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