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Today was one of those days that are exhausting from start to finish. Speech theory, then occupational therapy, and a meeting with our medical supply company. This was intermingled with a slew of phone calls, both being made and received. All in the name of advocating and providing for my son’s needs, mostly medically. It began last night finding a very hard nodule on my son’s colostomy stoma. While it doesn’t seem to be causing him much issue, at least clinically it is bothersome that this suddenly appeared. There are a few indicators it is annoying him some. The big problem is whenever there seems to be anything to do with his colostomy it turns into a finger pointing, excuse making, pass the buck, frustrating time. (more…)


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A new article entitled No Experience Necessary is posted in Our Home Health Section. It discusses a newly graduated nurse that has been assigned to my son’s case. With no experience of any kind is she really the right choice for the assignment?

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