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Personifying a Paradox

I apologize for the lack of blogging the past week. It has been a stressful & busy week. Tonight I will provide you with a little reflective childhood humor.

When I was growing up I thought I knew everything! I even had a logical answer for the age old question parents always ask their children. “If your friends jumped off a bridge would you?” My response, “yes, because they must know something I don’t !”

That my friends is the personification of a paradox

Thanks for reading my point of view,


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Humor Today: Just For Fun

There is an old saying, “You do not really know someone until you have lived with them.” Well in a sense our nurses, when we have them, are here 8 hours a day 5 days a week. We have two that are working with my son now and they both have a habit that is just kind of annoying to me. More of a pet peeve. This isn’t a rant about skills and quite honestly is going to sound very odd coming from a man. “Is it that hard to put the toilet lid down?” There I said it and I’m sure you are laughing hysterically now. We have had many nurses over the past few years and we have never had this issue. Oddly I am experiencing it with two simultaneously. It is a conspiracy! Now to clarify I am not talking about the seat, which many men are guilty of leaving up. No, I’m referring to the lid to the toilet. Now this is probably a quirky thing for me and my wife, but we always close the lid. My wife has trained me well, so there is hope for those who are trying!

When you go into someone’s home, at least I am, more conscious of how I handle and leave things. They are not mine. I treat other people’s property with respect. Yes, that includes their toilet in my case, I leave it as I found it. Now as a guest it is possible to forget and just do what you do at home, but you would think that after several weeks of lifting the lid to use the bathroom each time it might click. The other bizarre behavior is no putting toilet paper on the holder. I know this is getting odder by the minute isn’t it. I tested to see how long it would go. After 2 1/2 rolls I finally placed the 1/2 roll on the holder. I wonder if they noticed? Probably as much as they noticed my following them and closing the lid. Mind you, we have 4 bathrooms in our house, one of which is exclusively used by his nurses because it is by his room. This is why I know it is them and not some secret test by my wife. Okay, now I’m being silly. I just find it interesting that these things happen and they just got me to thinking. That in turn was the inception of the idea and creative spark that is this post.  I do not get out much, but that is evident now more than ever I think.

Ironically, I was thinking about this today as I went about doing the housework while we actually had a nurse present and I began to also notice that one of them is constantly leaving lights on. Finally today, she used the microwave for her lunch.  I watched her remove her food and walk away without closing the door. I was shocked. So for kicks I left it open. When she was done eating she returned to the kitchen and moved the door out of her way, but did not close it, to keep it from hitting her in the head. I suppose I should note that the microwave hangs under the cabinet over the stove. When open though as soon as you turn the corner to the kitchen it is in your face, poor design! Again, nothing serious but more humor. It got me to wondering? Does her microwave at home stay open when not in use? Does she leave all the lights on in her house all day? Is she every man’s dream woman because he won’t have to worry about putting the toilet seat down? Just food for thought, but it is interesting the little things you notice about individuals when they are in your house for long periods of time. Hope this brightens someone’s day or provides a much needed laugh to ease the stress of the day.

I hope you enjoyed my mindless muse,


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