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Gingerbread Men Running

Much of my son’s life has been about taking three steps forward and then two steps back. Well, in a very fitting fashion, he took three steps forward today, but there will be no going back with this one! This morning he took his first unassisted steps and both of us were blessed to be able to witness the joyous occasion. Ironically, during speech therapy today he was standing at a bench just looking around while we were discussing exercises to work on. We were all watching him and he just got this gleam of confidence in his eyes when suddenly he let go of the bench and took a step, then another. We saw his eyes get wide and his smile from ear to ear as he took a third step before very gracefully falling. He was so proud. You could see it on his face. Of course we were too. We knew it was coming. He has been so motivated to do this.  A little later during occupational therapy he took off again! This time going six steps while very impressively navigating around an obstacle in his path. There is no doubt that he will be running around here very soon. Look out Gingerbread Man!!

I could not be more proud of him. Today highlights and personifies his will and determination to do more. He never gives up and rarely gets frustrated. As I’ve said time and again, it is inspiring, an honor to watch and be a part of everyday.

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