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After missing the past few days our nurse returned today. I sat her down and told her that 4 call outs in 7 weeks was not going to be accepted, especially when I lost a job interview opportunity on one of those days. We would not ever travel down the road of tolerance like we did with our last nurse. Obviously the agency is not keeping tabs or they would have said something. The fact that the agency did not call me on Monday either to inform me our nurse was not coming in was another issue. I also had to broach the subject about some things she had said and ways she has been acting that is causing some concern for us. She has been making comments the past few weeks about being “off and not quite feeling right.” She has been vomiting at home and nauseous here. Her blood sugar has gotten low to the point she was dosing off in the middle of a therapy session. These things were not making us feel very comfortable with leaving her alone with our son. (more…)


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Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and only that. Take from this what you will, but this is merely me ranting about why I truly despise our Walgreen’s Pharmacy.  The only reason we even continue to use them now is because they are the only 24 hour pharmacy close, and even then we have to travel nearly 20 miles to get there. We NEVER had insurance issues until we started using them. Since we started using them in February of this year we have had a problem with EVERY prescription that has been put in or transfered. (more…)

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Dear Nursing Agency,

In my eight months with you I have been told with authority on numerous occasions by several staff that you have been doing business for 25 years. Your staff has gone on to add that this amount of service must mean you know what you are doing. I find it amusing that each person I encounter and attempt to address issues with my son’s case almost verbatim utters this mantra as if it were printed on cue cards. My response too is always the same, a lot has changed & no longer exists in 25 years. Adapting is necessary, but apparently incomprehensible as a philosophy. However, I will concede that sticking to your initial principles is worthy. Living up to them, well now that is a different story. For a company that has had set standards in place and has boasted upon this to combat criticism for a quarter of a century you fall well short of meeting and demonstrating those. (more…)

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