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After missing the past few days our nurse returned today. I sat her down and told her that 4 call outs in 7 weeks was not going to be accepted, especially when I lost a job interview opportunity on one of those days. We would not ever travel down the road of tolerance like we did with our last nurse. Obviously the agency is not keeping tabs or they would have said something. The fact that the agency did not call me on Monday either to inform me our nurse was not coming in was another issue. I also had to broach the subject about some things she had said and ways she has been acting that is causing some concern for us. She has been making comments the past few weeks about being “off and not quite feeling right.” She has been vomiting at home and nauseous here. Her blood sugar has gotten low to the point she was dosing off in the middle of a therapy session. These things were not making us feel very comfortable with leaving her alone with our son. (more…)


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Frustration Overload

Yesterday I was simply too frustrated and angry to write. I knew it would turn into a rant and while I am not against that I just did not want to expose this young blog to that. In a nutshell what got me started was our new day nurse calling out. The frustration was amplified by the nursing agency’s incompetent way of not bothering to notify me that my nurse would be out. It took me calling, some confusion by the person that answered the phone and a return phone call 45 minutes after the shift was to begin to learn of her absence. Today was the same, another call out five minutes after the shift began. That makes 4 call outs in 7 weeks which after our previous nurse that missed 50 days in eight months is something we refuse to accept. One of those recent call outs cost me a job interview. That in itself was a barn burner. It just simply amazes me that we can not find a nurse that has any commitment or work ethic what so ever. My wife has not even missed 4 days from her job due to our son, who has spent half his life in a hospital. Her position like a nurse puts someone else out when she misses, so like a responsible employee we schedule and juggle around her ever changing schedule. Is it easy, not at all. It just infuriates me that the agency allows them to do this. They have to, they are desperate for nurses. Which is odd because nurses around here can’t find jobs. So they are choosing other avenues outside of nursing rather than do home care. That is fine, but when the hospitals start hiring again do you think they are going to hire a nurse that worked retail or as an administrative assistant, in a factory, or where ever for a year or more without practicing? I know I wouldn’t. Their skill sets would be so rusty and more of a liability issue. So it makes no sense to me. That is enough on that, I do not want it to progress any further. Hopefully I will feel like writing more later.

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