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A friend of mine sent this video to me several months ago.  I watched it twice it was so powerful and hit so very close to home.  Hearing Loss issues are common in Fanconi Anemia so we knew my son might have that issue, but is appearing more and more that he is not hearing at all. While multiple hearing test all suggest a conductive hearing loss that when aided properly should achieve close to normal hearing, he is no responding to the BAHA bone conduction hearing aids. They now fear he has a complex and rare central hearing loss that we are trying to rehabilitate with intensive Aural Rehab. Therapy. We are hopeful that this will be a success, but have been informed it could take years.

As a musician, teacher, and father this video gripped me and said exactly what I have felt about my son’s hearing. Great things are possible regardless of circumstance. I put my son in this little girls place watching this video and felt the inspiring truth that he could certainly achieve just as she had with her deafness.  I am sharing this with you for the message. It not only applies to those with hearing issues, but with all disabilities, special needs, or complex medical needs. All the child needs is for someone to believe in them and offer them the opportunity to reach for the stars. Click the link below to watch.

Imagining Elias! in Her Shoes on Vimeo.

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